SH: Thursday Session 5

We had a terrific last full day of camp. The sun was blazing today so most groups enjoyed some water time today. Our climbing masters group climbed Burma Bridge and Zipline today. It takes a lot of courage and bravery to complete that element. It’s a Bugs Life, had a super cool bug hike where they looked for butterflies and other bugs. Secret Agent Super Sleuths went on a super agent mission today and had to follow clues to rescue their counselor. The Go Getter group went on a lost nature and made some super cool flower crowns. Our JCITs group made wish boats during nature time and sent them off in the lake, but before they did they made a wish. Seven Hills Cupcake Wars made these amazing cake pops. Amazing Race went on their race and went to many different countries. Lastly, Night Owls slept in late from the night before and had some fun swimming and playing water games. They ended the night stargazing.

The day ended with closing campfire, on the last closing campfire the fire gets lite by passing a torch around the lake. Campers and Counselors received their 5 and 10 year pins. Then we end the end by going down the friendship path.

Check out some photos here:

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