Session 5: Wednesday

We had a wonderful day here at Camp Seven Hills! The Climbing Masters tackled one of our TALLEST elements, Islands in the sky. The Brownie Bug’s Life program enjoyed some time splashing in the pool. The Secret Agent Sleuths solved TWO lock box mysteries today, as they prepare for their final detective challenge. After a hard day of work they joined the Go Getter program for a delicious cookout that included camper made Pie Iron Pizzas. The JCITs were able to shadow some different programs today as they learn the ins and outs of becoming a counselor. The Seven Hills Cupcake Wars battled their way through a Gourmet Cupcake challenge, I know the one I tried was delicious! The Amazing Race program was challenged to learn to say hello in many different languages, when they completed their challenge they earned some desired extra siesta time. We did say goodbye to the Brownies trying camp for the first time, but they went out with a bang or should we say homemade ooey gooey slime mess! After a glow party at dinner, the entire camp played a giant game of Bingo! led by the AMAZING INTERNS! Finally, The Night Owls were up way past their bedtime playing glow in the dark shaving cream twister! We can’t wait for another awesome day tomorrow along with our final closing campfire of the season.

Sneak a peak at some pics here:

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