7/5/22 Welcome Back

Today we are back in action for our first day of camp for the season! The rain held off for check-in and we appreciate everyone’s patience in the check-in process. Once all our campers were in, they headed out to set up their cabins and create their home for the next couple of days. When all the campers were set up they set out to make a splash and take their swim test at the pool. After the swim test, we enjoyed some delicious homemade pizza at the dining hall before heading to opening campfire. The Night Owls snuck out to do some crazy night bowling and enjoy some soda and pizza while they were there. The campfire was glowing bright, the songs were loud, and the skits were hilarious! We sang our way to bed to end the first night at camp.

Check out some pics of campfire here! https://flic.kr/s/aHBqjzX7fs

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