Seven Hills: Session 1 Wednesday

What a Wonderful Wednesday at Camp Seven Hills! Our horse campers (Pony Pals/ Walk, Trot, and Canter/ Tack and Ride) all had their first lesson today! The CITs not only completed Kaper Training but also lead songs at the dining hall! The climbing masters and On Belay were caught in the trees today on both the low ropes and the high ropes elements, catwalk, and two-line. The Go-Getters spent some time with our Unit Director Freezer aka Cool Aunt Freezer and worked towards the Flower Badge! My First Time had a very busy day including a dance party, friendship bracelet making, yoga, and wrapped it up with a cookout where they MADE hotdogs and mac and cheese over the fire with the CITs. Meanwhile, the International Cuisine tried their hands at making candy sushi. YUM! Seven Hills Sourcery were sorted into their houses and had their first quidditch practice of the season. The Night Owls slept in then had a relaxing day before taking over camp at night by going to nighttime Tuck Shop and Glow in the Dark Capture the Flag. What a busy day here at Camp Seven Hills, we cannot wait to see what tomorrow brings us!

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