Seven Hills Session 1 Thursday

Today we packed as much as we could into the last full day of camp that we could! Our highlights of the day included: a crazy mismatched inside-out breakfast, twin lunch, and a wild fashion show for dinner! Tack and Ride, Pony Pals, Walk, Trot, and Canter spent the morning riding, before heading out to try some camp activities. The Go-Getters took a hike to explore the lost units. Climbing Masters and On Belay took on Islands in the Sky. The Night Owls seemed a little tired this morning so they slept in late and then made their own breakfast over the campfire! My First Time took a big splash in the pool! Seven Hills Sourcery made and enjoyed a refreshing glass of Butter Beer (aka Cream Soda Floats!) International Cuisine tried making pierogis. CITs learned how to make one match fires, then built and lit the fire for tonight’s campfires! We sang our hearts out at the campfire before heading back to the cabins for our last night! Everyone is excited to see their family and friends tomorrow and to tell them about all the fun we have had this week!

Take a second to check out some pics at:

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