Session 4 Programs

Our penultimate week of camp begins Sunday, July 29 , and runs to Friday, August 3. Registration for our fourth session closes July 16, 2018. To view our other programs, check out our Resident Camp Guide on our website.

Girls in Grades 1-3 in Fall 2018

  • Zoologist – during this week you will tour the horse barn, spend time with the horses, and speak to the riding director about what it takes to care for these beautiful animals. You will also learn about animal habitats, proper food, and proper care needed for all different kinds of animals. Make your own terrarium, identify plants that are edible for both animals and humans! Make your favorite furry friend a toy to bring home. During this special week you will take a day trip to the Buffalo Zoo to see how other animals live and are cared for.
  • It’s My First Time Mini Session – this shorter session runs Sunday to Wednesday so new camps can experience the best of resident camp for the first time. They’ll sleep in our lodges, go swimming, play games, enjoy arts and crafts. Don’t forget about cookouts!

Girls in Grades 4-6 in Fall 2018

  • Climbing Masters – master all the elements of the Seven Hills Ropes Course and challenge yourself all week long! You can earn patches by completing Island in the Sky, Two-Line, Catwalk, Dangle Duo, Burma Bridge, and the Zip-Line.
  • GIRLbots –  work with robots like your favorite ones from the movies! Spend this week learning all about robotics. Girls will work with Engineering for kids to design, program, and control a fully functional robot!
  • Long Rein, Free Walk – a riding program designed for girls at all skill levels, this session is dedicated to the basics of English riding, as well as stable management. At the end of the week, girls will perform a dressage test and learn what the judges look for in their presentations.
  • Seven Hills Sisterhood – You and your friends make the choices that work for you. Select your favorite programs such as sports, nature, swimming, arts and crafts, and more.
  • Seven Hills Top Chef – bring out the chef in you this week where you’ll work with professionals in the cooking industry. With them you’ll prepare a variety of desserts, snacks, side dishes, and more. Plus you’ll take a trip to Tops Cooking School to work with their chefs on preparing great meals you can share with others.

Girls in Grades 7-12 in Fall 2018

  • Night Owls – if you’re a night owl, this week is for you. Campers will explore the Seven Hills trails by night, enjoy glow-in the dark games, raid the kitchen, and even take a trip to a local laser tag center. Don’t worry about being tired the next day – with this camp you’ll sleep late and start your camp activities in the afternoon
  • On Belay – master your balancing and maneuvering capabilities on the Seven Hills Ropes Course. Test your skills and conquer your fears as your try elements such as Islands in the Sky, Centipede, Burma Bridge, Two-Line, Catwalk, Dangle Duo, or Zip-Line.
  • Riders Up – it doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or a pro with this horse camp. Girls will learn the basics of a rider’s position and how to control their horse. They’ll work on dressage tests throughout the week while learning stable management skills, leading to a small horse presentation at the end of the week.

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